A Perfect Light for Every Occasion

Never Underestimate the Difference a Light Can Make. Marco Polo Imports Brings You a Variety of Options and Designs to Find the Right Lighting for Your Home.

The Right Light

Lighting can make or break a room. The right light can bring a room to life, infuse it with a mood or a sense of comforting solitude, and bring the individual elements that make up a design into perfect harmony. The wrong light can wash the charm and vivacity out of a brilliantly decorated interior space. That’s why Marco Polo Imports offers a wide variety of ceiling, floor, table, and wall lights, all designed to ensure that you are able to find the illumination that you need to bring out the details of your home. Whether you are looking for a desk lamp to work by, a kitchen light that will have you cooking in style, or a night light that will bring soft, comforting tones to your bedroom, the staff at Marco Polo will ensure that you leave our store with lighting that will make a difference.

What Light Through Yonder Window

What kind of room are you creating? Are you a fan of classical design trends, putting together a study modeled after classic European aesthetics or the high-class looks of the early 20th Century? For you, Marco Polo Imports has a wide selection of Old World lights, all made with the greatest of care. From the timeless to the fanciful, our collections feature everything from hand-made chandeliers to vintage style nautical search lights. Looking for a more modern feel? Marco Polo Imports also has wide assortment of industrial lighting options, from pylons to iron-wire chandeliers. Or are you going for a more exotic feel? Then look into our pieces from Saigon and Thailand. which feature exquisite bamboo lanterns that have been handcrafted by experts in the field. No matter what kind of room you are in the market for, Marco Polo Imports is up to the challenge of helping you find the lighting that will illuminate and complement it.

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