Santa Monica’s Premier Furniture Store Since 1998

Marco Polo Imports: A Furniture Store for Those Seeking Quality, Experience, and Satisfaction.

Since we opened in 1998, Marco Polo Imports has been a family-owned and operated furniture store. Today we are known as a premier establishment for those seeking exotic and sustainable furniture. Our expert team is always at the forefront of the latest design and fashion trends, and our sources around the world keep us stocked with the latest unique, stylish, and ground-breaking products. We’ve made our reputation on the quality of our products, our dedication to customer service, and the inimitability of our selection, and these qualities have earned us a fiercely loyal clientele.

Our furniture store is stocked with sustainable furniture imported from 15 different countries from all over the world, including Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Morocco, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, and the Ivory Coast. We are a proud member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, and are famous for our stock of eco-friendly furnishings, made from sustainable materials such as antique recycled pillars and railroad wood ties, old wood from merchant ships and other interesting finds. We are also proud to bring you unique, one of a kind antiques from all over the world, offering an ever-changing treasure trove of riches for you to discover.

Our store founder, Aaron Toledo, got his start in the furnishings business in 1992, learning the ins and outs of the industry and the importance of unmatched customer service at a young age. His years of experience and tireless labor are the foundation upon which our furniture store is built, and he is now thrilled to offer his clients the opportunity to shop in a store that values strong work ethic, quality products, environmental consciousness, and customer satisfaction.

We take our name from Marco Polo, the legendary traveling merchant. His travels were many 13th Century Europeans’ first introduction to the culture and goods of Asia, and we try to honor his spirit by introducing our clientele to unique and exotic furniture from many distant, far off lands. If you are ready to take a trip to the four corners of the globe from the comfort of your own home, it’s time to visit Marco Polo Imports and discover why we are known as Santa Monica’s best furniture store.

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