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Our Discount Furniture: Unmatched Luxury at an Unbeatable Price.

Affordable Luxury

With our wide selection of furniture, our assortment of exotic pieces from different continents, our one-of-a-kind antique furniture, and our furnishings made from eco-friendly, reclaimed materials, we have earned our place as one of Santa Monica’s must-visit furniture stores. The worry that many potential clients have with our store is not about the quality of the merchandise, it is about the price that they may have to pay for the luxurious contents of our store. At Marco Polo Imports, we strive to make combine luxury with affordability. Marco Polo Imports’ dedicated clearance section, full of amazing discount furniture, is routinely cutting prices on items from all of our departments and all of our collections, bringing the opulence of our wares to your price range!

As new shipments of items and new selections come into the store, we need to keep our inventory and showroom space to a manageable size. Thanks to this, we are able to routinely bring the prices of our high-end pieces down to an exceptionally affordable level within our discount furniture department. A unique European dining table, an Argentinean lounge chair, a sumptuous floor lamp… who knows what is going to suddenly appear at our discount furniture clearance page at a rock bottom price? A word to the wise, however: if you see something in our clearance sale that you want for your home, act fast! These items often move very quickly, and our ability to sell them at low prices is limited, so do not let someone else steal that perfect bargain right from under your nose. Keep your eye on the clearance section of Marco Polo Imports and, with a bit of vigilance, nerve, and some fast action, you could end up with a unique, exotic piece of furniture at a scandalously low price.

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